“Who Uses Landscapers’ Choice Lawn?”

Landscapers’ Choice Lawn provides Australia’s best value-for-money artificial lawns to an array of people and businesses that need, sell or use artificial lawn.

Some of the people who trust and reply on Landscapers’ Choice Lawn include:

Aussie Homeowners & Retirees

Why? In a lot of cases mum and dad are busy working though the week, so the last thing they want to do on their weekend is spend their valuable time mowing, watering and maintaining their yard. By installing our artificial lawn they save time, energy and money, and get to spend their time off doing what they want to do!

Landscaping businesses

Why? Like any business, landscaping services use our artificial lawn and grass for several reasons. First they love the ‘buy direct artificial lawn wholesale pricing.’ This reduces their purchasing costs, increase their profits and the value of their business and services to their clients and in the marketplace.

They also love the range of synthetic grass we supply, the quality, and the fact that we work with them so they and their customers all win.

Industrial, Commercial & Residential Developers

Residential, commercial and industrial developers use our artificial lawn on every thing from rooftop gardens to outdoor staff areas, pool areas and more.

Developers trust and rely on Landscapers’ Choice Lawn because they love the quality, our expertise, the wholesale prices and personal service, and that they can place a mixed order of synthetic lawns in an range of different grades and still save on their bottom line.

Childcare Centres

Childcare centres use our artificial grass because it’s perfect as cushioning around the base of the playground equipment. Of course, the fact that it is lead free, non-allergenic and hardwearing are also benefits many childcare centres love about our artificial grass.

Pool Builders

More and more pool builders are using our artificial lawn to finish off their customers’ pool surrounds. By providing the complete pool building and finishing service in one, pool builders are increasing their average dollar sale, adding value to their business and the services they provide, and their pool clients love that they do not have to find another service to do it for them.


Why? Because our artificial grass comes with an 8-year warranty, is hard wearing, has 3 layers of backing, not one, and is lead-free and UV stabilised. Of course, they also love the wholesale price savings and that they can get all the artificial lawn they need from the one complete service.

Other businesses and people who also use Landscapers’ Choice Lawn are:

  • Golf and bowls clubs
  • Indoor sports centres
  • Restaurants with children’s play areas
  • Caravan and RV repair and fitting services
  • People and retirees who own or live in relocatable housing
  • Trampoline play centres
  • Holiday & caravan parks with playgrounds
  • And others who use, sell or need artificial lawn in large or small quantities for a variety of purposes.

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